Ministry Work

My ministry begins with a deep belief in miracles and the transformative power of prayer. I am an evangelist at heart, and I embrace the challenges life brings, trusting in an impossible God to accomplish impossible feats. From praying for people in wheelchairs to those needing a creative miracle, I have seen the power of faith in action.

At five, I was healed from Kawasaki’s disease, a near-death experience that cemented my belief in divine healing. In more recent years, my son was miraculously healed from cystic fibrosis, a so-called incurable disease. But my journey has not been without trials. I’ve experienced the pain of loss, dealt with depression, and navigated through life’s toughest storms.


My mission is to reveal the true nature of Jesus, often misrepresented, to the world. I operate under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and challenge the deception of the devil. I believe firmly that being a Christian doesn’t make one immune to life’s hardships. However, it provides one with the spiritual authority to rise above these challenges.

I particularly focus on addressing issues like teen suicide, which is alarmingly on the rise. Through my message of faith and hope in Jesus, I aspire to touch lives, influence change, and inspire individuals to find their strength in their relationship with God.