Raider Nation’s Favorite AI is a True Raider Fan

On Friday afternoon, I wrote about the Oakland Raiders’ involvement in an upcoming episode of Lifetime television’s “Coming Home.” The award winning series features surprise reunions of active duty service men and women and their families, and on November 6, the show was shot right on the field at halftime during the game between the Raiders and the Denver Broncos.

The organization assisted “Coming Home” in surprising the children of the lifelong fan and military member who had not seen his family in almost a year. I was fortunate to be one of the many in the sold-out crowd that day to watch the emotionally charged scene, and it was truly amazing.

Matt Rogers, who is the host of the program has an enviable job bringing such memorable moments together, and he was kind enough to speak with me about it over the phone this morning. I was also a fan of Rogers when he appeared on American Idol’s season 3, and disappointed when he left a little too soon, but the show turned out to be a catalyst in his career when he realized he wanted to be a television host like Ryan Seacrest.

The 33-year-old has gone on to be a part of several short lived programs, including a CBS primetime reality television show, “There Goes the Neighborhood,” but “Coming Home,” is his dream come true. Being a part of so many touching moments is an incredible thing.

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